Hi All,

This project was started in May of 2013 and is on-going with updates almost daily.
I worked as a carpenter/builder for over 40 years and due to the collapse
of the economy and ill health made work almost impossible for me.
The idea came to me when I started my family tree in 2008 and hit many dead ends.
After heart attack in 2010 and other complications and felt my life was down hill,
I took my trusty camera and took some photographs of headstones in my hometown
of Tralee in Co Kerry, Eire.I found many headstones of my relatives of which there were no records by by the Kerry Local authority.
I found one headstone in particular of my Great Aunt Annie McKenna nee Talbot had some good info on it,
and I was hooked from then on.I created a website on my pc and posted over 5000 photos from Rath Tralee alone.
I now have over 200 Cemeteries under my belt and finished the collection this year in Oct 2014 with
99.99% of every cemetery in Kerry completed .

Kate Healy (Kerrykate) Coburn
of Tralee and Canada has been my biggest supporter and friend.
Kay Caball genealogist has taken a great interest in my project and given some sound advice.

Joe of Kerry Headstone Project Tralee.